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unstable running idle, engine goes off

The engine goes off when releasing the clutch or in idle position in front of a light. Running idle is unstable. The car accelerates with slight dropouts, which can be described as "poor throttle response".

Additional air that was not measured by the air mass meter got into the intake hose.

speedometer Yazaki from Volvo 940 (<1993) instrument cluster not working

Speedometer and odometer are not working. At least three out of five electrolytic capacitors must be replaced. Traces around capacitors have to be repaired and electrical connections under the processors are bridged with isulated wire. 

Incompatible instrument cluster

Incompatible instrument cluster produced after 1993 cannot correctly read fuel gauge signal of older Volvo 940 with manufacturing date 1992 and earlier.

adjust weak handbreak

The handbrake starts to brake after nine clicks. Correctly set, seven clicks should be enough to generate full braking power.

broken driver seat cover

The driver's seat cover, the backrest and the left flanks are torned. New cloth replaces damaged material and the flanks are reinforced with jeans fabric.

renew horns and cable connections

The horn signals were weakly audible. Both horns were rusty. The cable connections were also badly corroded and did not conduct the electricity into the horns.

cable connection from differential gear to instrument cluster corroded

Speedometer and odometer fall out completely or only working temporarily. Loose or corroded cables at the differential gear could be the reason.

wiper, radio,horn and heater not working simultaneously

Windscreen wipers, radio, ventilation and horn fall out at the same time. The cause of the error could be a broken ignition contact switch. The ignition contact switch must be removed and replaced with a spare part. Repair is also possible.

change timing belt of Volvo 940

Change timing belt after a certain mileage and age. The replacement is not complicated compared to other cars.