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cylinder head gasket broken, continue driving with defect head gasket


The cylinder head gasket is broken. White smoke comes out of the exhaust. The blue liquid of a CO2 tester turns yellow. For economic reasons, the vehicle will not be repaired. I will continue driving the vehicle with the cooling water expansion tank open.

air mass flow meter defect


The vehicle shakes at idle or the engine simply goes off. When driving the car, releasing the accelerator pedal and accelaerating the car again, it comes to misfires for a short time.

The air mass flow sensor is not completly broken, but it sends a wrong signal to the engine control unit when accelerating the car again.

thermostat replacement, cooling water runs out


Missing coolant water indicator lights up in the instrument cluster. Cooling water runs out of the pressurized expansion tank after opening the cap. After starting and warm up the engine, white smoke came out of the exhaust. After short journeys high pressure was built up in the cooling system and the expansion tank.

After replacement the thermostat the idling fluctuated strongly. During long trips cooling water had to be filled up regularly. Suspicion of a broken cylinder head gasket.

Unstable rough idle running, engine goes off, idle actuator not working


Unstable rough idle running. Engine goes off when disconnecting clutch or in idle position in front of a light and stop and go trafic. This problem can come from electrical problems, an air leak round the intake manifold or like in my case a not correctly working throttle valve component. The electrically driven idle actuator was defective.

generator not working broken battery does not charge battery sign lights up


Generator does not charge battery in idle position. Battery sign at instrument cluster lights up in idle running situation and goes off with higher driving speed.

In my case, an already professionally repaired and completely overhauled 90A alternator from Valeo was installed and a diode on the rectifier plate (not Valeo) was defective.

broken wheel bolt


One wheel bolt teared off when changing front tyres at front axle. Ripped bolts can be unscrewed with a counter clockwise working screw extractor. Another way is to weld a nut on the rest of the bolt and try to release it with a suitable socket. Both methods did not work and the auxillary tool broke off.

A new wheel hub had to be bought and installed.